• How to get Playground Driven Development working with Carthage

    I introduced Playground Driven Development on the last project I worked on. It sped up my development and forced me to write view controllers in a decoupled way. But before I was able to reap the benefits of PDD I hit a roadblock: Xcode Playgrounds kept throwing a Couldn't look up symbols error, because it couldn’t see Carthage-built dependencies. Here’s how to fix this issue.

  • Tracking dependencies with

    A growing list of third-party libraries is something most development projects have to deal with it. On many projects it can be hard to figure out why a certain dependency was added, or whether it still makes sense to keep it. We can track dependencies through a document just like we track changes via a

  • Hello, World!

    I’ve always put off creating a blog, but no more. Hello, World! I imagine this blog will mostly be about software development (for the iOS platform especially, so Swift, Xcode, UIKit, and so on). Then again, who knows - I’m not putting any constraints on this blog, so lets see where this journey takes me.

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